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Breaking the Glass

Breaking the Glass is a Specialist Staffing Group program created to support women-identifying professionals and their allies by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the STEM workforce.

Breaking the Glass events

BTG Be Fearless Authentic Self
14 September 2022

Be Fearless: Bring Your Authentic Self

Leaders in STEM leaders share their journeys to embracing their authentic selves and advice for being fearless in the workplace

BTG Women Of Color UX Design
25 August 2022

Women of Color: UX Design

Women of color from across the tech industry discuss their paths to UX design, the problems they look to solve, and why UX needs diversity.

BTG Male Allies In Workplace Hero
27 July 2022

Gender Equity Advocates: Male Allies in the Workplace

Male allies discuss their experience navigating gender dynamics in the office and offer suggestions on how men can support their women co...

BTG Become Change Catalyst
31 May 2022

Become A Change Catalyst

Hear from tech professionals that have experienced the process of introducing a new product, service, or process to their organization.

Elizabeth Lam
Breaking The Glass provides the opportunity for women and their allies to connect and learn over the most pressing conversations in career development, diversity & inclusion, and STEM skills. Elizabeth Lam, Senior Community Program Manager

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Breaking the Glass

Breaking the Glass was founded to bridge the gap between underrepresented identities in STEM and address gender disparity in leadership.

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