STEM Equity Coalition

STEM Equity Coalition in Staffing and Recruitment

Driving equality in STEM careers, through our STEM Equity Coalition which will change the STEM landscape for underrepresented people.

The STEM Equity Coalition will leverage the resources and expertise of both internal networks and our clients, candidates, and partners to drive professional development and career support.

Together, they will be working with women, African Americans and Latinos, low-income families, first-generation college graduates, and workers who risk losing their jobs due to a lack of training.

What is the STEM Equity Coalition?

Born out of our mission to drive equality in STEM, the purpose of this partnership initiative is to collaborate with like-minded talent and organizations that are working to make the STEM sector more diverse and inclusive as a career path.

Our global house of specialist recruitment brands provides a unique combination of worldwide reach and expert recruitment knowledge. They’re connected by our community-spirited culture and shared ways of working. Each one brings expertise in specific sought-after skills within life sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics, for both permanent and contract roles. Our vision is to be the leading specialist STEM recruitment firm and remove barriers to STEM entry, creating a more inclusive and diverse industry for our candidates and clients.

By bringing this area of expertise to community partners, we will lead by example and set a standard for DE&I for others to emulate.

Equity in STEM Careers

According to the Pew Research Center, data highlights how wide the racial, ethnic and gender gaps in STEM representation are:

  • Black and Hispanic workers remain underrepresented in STEM jobs.
  • Current diversity in STEM education mirrors gaps in workforce representation.
  • Representation of women varies widely across STEM fields.
  • There are large pay gaps among STEM workers by gender, race and ethnicity.

According to the most recent data available from the National Science Foundation, in the United States, women were awarded just 20.9% of engineering bachelor’s degrees, Black or African Americans were awarded only 3.9%, and Hispanics or Latinos were awarded only 10.4%. While these numbers represent significant gains from the 1980s, there is still much work that needs to be done for women and members of underrepresented groups to increase representation in the STEM workforce.

Our mission is to provide STEM professionals with a forum for exchanging information and developing knowledge that will provide a resource for career development through many channels of hands-on, direct help along their career paths.

Personal Development

  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Empowerment workshops
  • Goal setting and career planning

Professional Development

  • Certification exam preparation
  • Mock interviews
  • Resume reviews
  • Job shadowing sessions

Learning and Development

  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Networking


Partners in Driving Equity

Just as recruitment and staffing cannot exist without partnerships, we could not be changing the face of STEM equity without our valuable partners.

AU Logo Flat


Michael Ward, Jr. is President & CEO of Austin Urban Technology Movement, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that partners with businesses, organizations, institutions, and government entities to help the Black and Hispanic community receive training to enter and thrive within the tech industry.

Project Syncere Logo RS

Project Syncere

Jason Coleman is Executive Director and Co-Founder of Project Syncere, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, that provides students with the opportunity to become engaged in the STEM fields and realize their true potential to change the world through science and engineering.

Social Finance Logo RS

Social Finance

Matt Wood is an Associate of Social Finance, a national impact finance and advisory a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps the public, private, and social sectors to build innovative partnerships and investments that measurably improve lives.

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Roxanne Williams is President of UrbanEd, 501(c)(3) corporation whose mission is to provide District of Columbia children, youth and adults with technology-driven education, information and skill development for sustained futures.

Equity in Company Culture

For over 35 years we have been connecting game-changers with change-makers to solve the world's most complex problems. Every day we prioritize diversity, equality, and inclusion in our company culture, demonstrating our commitment from the inside-out. Sharing our successes with dynamic organizations in STEM sectors will make the entire field better, more collaborative, and more innovative through guiding them through implementing and embracing equity.

President of the US business, Sunny Ackerman, professional portrait photo
"Through these partnerships, we can collectively move the dial in eradicating the systemic barriers that have historically prevented minority groups from entering into and thriving in STEM careers. However, to achieve this, as an organization, we must be unified in our efforts, and the easiest way to do that is through support." Sunny Ackerman, President of Specialist Staffing Group

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Are you interested in a partnership with the STEM Equity Coalition? We can help your company get started integrating equity into your hiring and retention practices for a better company culture, made up of more innovative professionals.

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